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The mission of Loving Life Events is to motivate and educate people to live healthy and sustainable lifestyles.  

Founded by Brandt Everest Pfeifer in 2020,  Loving Life offers full service Event Production.  The Loving Life brand is as straight forward as is sounds.  We are all about creating events that bring whole hearted people together with positive and pure intentions.  Each event is intended to spread love, connection, and advocate for healthy lifestyles and sustainability.  


We deal with all aspects of producing music festivals, concerts, corporate events, private parties, golf tournaments, wellness programs, philanthropic/community events and music production.   Loving Life only selects projects that involve professionals who create for a positive change.  

Loving Life collaborates with entrepreneurs, producers, musicians, doctors, fitness coaches, spiritual leaders, video/photographers, designers, athletes, and any other professionals that fit the criteria of Loving Life.

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What is a Legend?

A Legend is one's destiny in life. It's identifying your purpose in life and pursuing it. 

When you become a legend of Loving Life you surrender yourself to the one true purpose for your existence.  

Each and everyone of us has our own sacred legend to fulfill.  Many of us  refuse to accept or acknowledge what their true legend is.   When you trust your instincts and are willing to do the things that no one else is willing to do, you can and will achieve your legend.  

If you want to fulfill your legend please hit the tab below to fill out an application.  

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