The mission of Loving Life events is to spread love and positive energy through the power of song and dance.  We curate lineups of the best Artists in EDM, House, Tech, and Bass that bring people together from all over the world. Breaking ground in 2022, our top priorities are inclusivity, safety, community and outstanding artistry.   

  Loving Live strives to create the most immersive environments for our beautiful fans.  We create the purest vibes by combining top artistry, impeccable sound, exclusive venues,  and most importantly whole hearted people.  These ecosystems are what allows us all to connect on deeper levels and truly Love Life.   

We are stoked to see you at Loving Life’s events this year.  Growth isn’t a light switch, it’s a dance, so let’s do some dancing!

Loving Life also advocates and donates to Mental Health and Nature Conversation. 

Curated by Brandt Everest Pfeifer